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About Us

Established in 1998, Jerry Business Canada (JBC) Inc., is an overseas business incorporation with its registered office in Calgary, Alberta of Canada.

As an overseas conglomerate business group, JBC also provides Internet commercial advertisement service, Canada-China express courier service as well as JERRY Rainbow Jewelry sale service.  For decades, the company has set up a global business network composed of various customers distributed throughout the North America, South-East Asia, Taiwan and mainland China.

For the past years,the company has made great efforts to be engaged in the services of developing and marketing superior-quality health products.

The company has developed 3 series nutrition product brands of JERRY, LANBOW and IGU to the international market. Among them, 19 products hold the Canada National Product Number(NPN)certificates, 14 kinds of products with the Government of Canada's export certificate. Main well-known JERRY products such Jerry Super Harp Seal Omega-3,Jerry 100% Pure Bee Propolis,Jerry Bee Propolis and Jerry Osteocollagen are also hot-sale products in China's TAOBAO's online selling network.

Jerry Business Canada Inc. has so far established 6 chinese community/commercial websites to provide the useful informaiton for the chinese immigrant to settle down in different Canada cities. Among them,  www.calgarychinese.com, initiated in 2002, is the first and most popular Chinese media website in western Canada. It is a comprehensive website, not only popular to the Calgary chinese, but also attracts huge amount of web users throughout Western Canada, North America, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and even around the world. There are more than 10 thousand visitors per day on this website surfing all kinds of useful information as well as chatting on the web forum.

The company also developed in 2007 the Canada-China courier business for the Calgary Chinese customers send/mail Canidian special products to their chinese friends and relatives in China. The company provides fast, safe, convenient and cost-effective courier services. This business has expanded year after year since then. Now JIALI express courier service has become the most convenient local, reputable logistics postal service station in Calgary and Edmonton.

JBC's success attributes to its high efficient service, most advanced IT technology and highly trustable customer credits. The company boasts its expertise in creating an amiable industry culture and excellent management environment. JBC will remain its openness to collaborate with all other companies and societies to do its part for commercial and human-health purposes.